We are excited! Great things are coming

Team ThunderAct

After 2 years of researching, experimenting and drafting ideas we are now taking our first steps toward becoming THE solution that EVERY company needs.

The first and most visible step is our brand new website, isn’t it beautiful?? We will soon be adding more content to it and we’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see. We will, of course, provide updates on our upcoming milestones and achievements. Did I mention how excited we are??

These days we are working on an Alpha version and meeting with investors in hopes of receiving initial funding which will allow us to accelerate our development. These are very exciting days for us! We are on a mission to make a difference, facilitating organization by providing our unique angle – analysis with a visual representation – to know what they know but don’t really know.

This is a journey you definitely want to take with us ?? SO exciting!

Lastly, in addition to development and raising seed funding, we are also preparing these days to attend and present at the Collision 2018 Tech Conference in New Orleans, April 30 – May 3 (collisionconf.com). ‎In the conference, we will have our booth for a full day (final date is expected mid-April) where we will present ThunderAct, its mission, and solution. I know I might have used the word exciting too much this blog but… we really are excited!

So stay tuned, Thunder updates are coming and lots of actions will be taken! see what I did there? ??

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