Beta Testers Wanted

Team ThunderAct

This is a momentous day here at ThunderAct, as we announced the launch of our private beta! After a lengthy development period, lots of design changes, and endless lines of code, we are finally ready to let real users try ThunderAct for themselves. This is a chance to try ThunderAct before it is available publicly, and the trial will be free of charge at this point in exchange for feedback on the user experience. We’ll be looking for thoughts on usability and functionality and are excited to see the insights uncovered when ThunderAct is put to work. 

ThunderAct was started because we found that companies had a wealth of customer data but it was siloed and inaccessible to the majority of the organization. So, we built a way to connect the tools companies are using to collect customer data and find meaningful insights decision makers can act on. While there are still bugs and we are not yet perfect, those who participate in this beta test can expect ThunderAct to discover business insights from your customer interactions, analyze them, and recommend actions. The result will be better, more informed business decisions that lead to product line growth.

This is a highly anticipated milestone for the ThunderAct team and one that represents a lot of hard work. If you are willing to share your feedback in order to enhance the quality of ThunderAct, please email info@thunderactcom so we can create a private workspace.  


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