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In today's global world, teams are increasingly asked to work together toward a common goal while being spread out across cities and continents. As collaboration technology gets more advanced, companies are adopting flexible remote work policies. This flexibility is a benefit to employees and allows organizations to recruit and retain the best, but it also comes with challenges.

When team members work from home, organizations need to change the ways they communicate, collaborate and socialize so that innovation and execution do not suffer. For those working directly with customers, documenting and sharing the valuable information you are collecting should be a priority. Regular meetings on customers, new product success, competitive threats, and much more, should happen whether they are remote or in-person. Here are some ways to keep your teams connected, and stay informed as a business leader if you have a remote team.

More frequent communication
Communicate what your working hours will be, check in with stakeholders often, and post updates and insights to communication channels. When teams are not working in close proximity to leadership it is easy to feel like priorities are shifting quickly and often, so leaders will need to keep everyone well informed.

Take more notes
Those who are not in customer facing roles will be very curious how customers are feeling and what their priorities are. Make sure people in those roles who are interacting with customers are documenting their insights to share with the rest of the organization. If your company is able to help a customer in a unique way, share that story! Remote teams will need that encouragement that what they are doing matters.

Utilize video
It can seem like a challenge and more work than jumping on the phone, but utilizing video calls can help everyone feel connected. It will also help decrease miscommunication since you are introducing all of the important non-verbal communication back into your meeting. Give your team fair warning you will want them to jump on video so they can prepare, and be willing to work through some early bumps if this is not normal for them. Tools like Zoom allow calls to be transcribed which can make it even easier to capture important customer data.

Be sure you aren't missing key information
Your team is still connecting with customers, now maybe in even more different ways than before. It will be very easy to miss key insights like customer complaints, competitor updates, or changes in priorities. By using ThunderAct you can have all of your customer data together in one place. It will be analyzed and distributed across your team in a highly visual way.

Use the tools your company has chosen
It is easy to forget following processes and guidelines when working remotely. Your company has carefully chosen CRM, collaboration tools, documentation tools and many more. When used properly, these tools will allow you to consume and share information more easily for your work needs as well as for others.

We are now entering an exciting time where the future of work is evolving, and it requires flexibility and understanding. Trust your teams while giving them the tools and direction they need to work toward common goals, no matter how spread out.

ThunderAct is here to help your entire organization make better decisions and track the impact of those decisions. Remote teams have unique challenges that are easily overcome with the right tools. Contact us today so we can talk about what your company needs to get the very best from the hard work of your remote teams.

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