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The Customer Connection

"Customer centric". This is a term thrown around a lot by businesses these days, but being customer centric is not as easy as it sounds. You must first gather insights about your customers and figure out what they truly need before you design your products and services. In order to have the insights needed to drive your product planning you need to be regularly listening to your customers through many different channels. 

To be a truly customer centric organization requires that everyone across the organization listens to the customer and incorporates those insights into everything they do. It is not just sales and marketing that need to know how the customer feels about your brand, but everyone from R&D to the CEO. 

ThunderAct pulls customer data from all functions, making it easy to build a customer centric organization. Contact us at, tell us a little bit about your product, and we will do a free analysis for you and walk you through the results. This offer is limited to the first 10 companies to contact us so hurry!

There are several ways of capturing this important customer data:

Direct Interviews

Also called Voice of the Customer, these are conversations with customers, often face to face, where you can ask your customer about their business, problems, needs and expectations. The benefit here is that you can ask follow up questions and really get a deeper level of understanding. Potential downsides are that each interview is different so it can be more difficult to compare one customer to the next and find patterns. This method also requires time and travel to do properly, making it tough to perform during the current pandemic. 


These allow you to capture the input from many customers at once, and more easily track any changes over time. Survey results, however, can be misleading if respondents interpret questions differently and you cannot ask for clarification. They also may fail to capture the differences between various customer roles since you most likely have multiple touch points at a single customer, and a survey may only capture one.  

Satisfaction ratings

These allow you to track customer satisfaction over time, giving you a valuable indicator of how satisfied your customers are, but they often lack context and have a small sample size. Satisfaction rating often follows an industry standard which might not fit your exact needs and objectives so the results of such rating need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Online Reviews

For those businesses receiving online reviews, they can give important information on how customers feel about your brand because they are unsolicited and provide indications about your market such as needs, challenges and even competitive insights. Online reviews by nature are usually written at points of extreme satisfaction or extreme dissatisfaction and rarely capture ‘just feedback’- feedback that could be very valuable to the product roadmap or the GTM strategy you build. In addition, there are still very few platforms supporting a mature review solution for B2B brands, making the volume of online reviews low. 

Direct customers interactions

Your teams are interacting with customers constantly and are a great source of information. In fact, an average B2B business has 30% of its workforce working with customers across various roles such as sales, support, customer success, services, executives and even R&D. Those interactions between your teams and the customers often get stuck inside the team that collects them so the important part is to make sure each customer interaction is made accessible to the rest of the enterprise, and contributes to the overall understanding of your customer.This is a huge source no decision maker should overlook.

Where to start 

Most companies say they want to be customer centric, but are overwhelmed by data and don’t have the processes or technology in place to utilize it. Direct customer interactions are the most valuable customer data you have. ThunderAct specializes in integrating with your data sources to develop insights from your data. We know you will find useful insights using ThunderAct in your enterprise, and we’d like to prove it to you.

One way to get started is to take a deeper look into your online reviews. This can be a tricky process, here is a helpful step-by-step tutorial to help you export them. While ThunderAct is not designed or built to analyze online reviews we can use them to provide exceptional value. ThunderAct will analyze exported reviews and find business insights for you. 

We know these are unique times and finding the time to even export reviews could take important time out of your day so for a limited time, ThunderAct will perform this step for you, free of charge. Contact us at for your free analysis.

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