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We are happy to share some exciting news with you: In August 2020, ThunderAct was able to secure a new round of funding (with oversubscription!) from top U.S. VC’s. The round included Heroic Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, who led our first round in November 2019; Xplorer VC, an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in Artificial Intelligence, Automation, IOT, and Enterprise SaaS Data Solutions, Matthews Lane Capital Partners LLC and other top investors. This round of funding will allow us to continue to enhance our solution to enable enterprises to automatically and continuously analyze the impact and performance of their business-critical decisions hidden in all customers' interaction digital channels.


“We were excited to see how fast ThunderAct is moving towards helping enterprises see their blind spots, integrating data collected during customer interactions from various platforms, to answer the questions they don’t necessarily know they need to ask.”  - Itai Maron, Heroic Ventures

Heroic Ventures Formation Fund supports the earliest stage founders in their quests to build world-class companies.


“Decision-makers in large companies often have incomplete information as data becomes siloed and difficult to gather. By connecting to various information systems across departments and using natural language processing to parse information, ThunderAct provides an unbiased and comprehensive picture needed to influence strategy. We are impressed with ThunderAct's vision and we’re excited to be a part of it” - Nathan Feltz ,Xplorer Capital

Xplorer Capital invests in talented entrepreneurs and disruptive technologies that transform industries on a global scale.


“As ThunderAct continues to grow, we believe their AI and ML customer data analysis will provide real value to Enterprise companies and that their data solution will be key to helping large organizations mitigate risks and seize missed opportunities” - Daniel Silvers, Managing Member of Matthews Lane Capital Partners LLC

Matthews Lane Capital Partners LLC invests across capital structures in companies that it believes offer compelling risk-reward situations with attractive value creation prospects


Since our early days, ThunderAct has been on a mission to enable customers’ voices to influence business actions. ThunderAct’s team has spent many years working with customers and has seen the missed opportunities for measuring business decision outcomes by evaluating aggregate customer data from various departments at B2B enterprises. ThunderAct’s AI-powered technology automatically and continuously analyzes all customer data to help enterprise companies make critical business decisions.

As ThunderAct continues to grow, we are seeking to work with customer-centric organizations and help them strengthen their relationship with their most valuable asset, their customers. If you’d like to learn more about how ThunderAct can help you with your customer data, please reach out at

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