A Co(vid)nference: Decision Making During a Pandemic

Team ThunderAct

It's been some months into one of the worst pandemics the world has experienced, and COVID19 has shut down worldwide social and economic activities. To keep employees safe, corporations have moved from onsite to a work from home environment. As team members migrate from traditional in-office to remote work, the dynamics of their working environment with their colleagues will change.

With new remote work changes, the majority of your customer data may sit in silos, now more than previously. During this period of uncertainty, knowing more about the market and customers helps ensure that any projects you do choose to tackle have a high probability of impact and success. 

A solution to efficiently get insights from your customer data is ThunderAct. Our AI-powered customer-interaction analysis takes data from all customer interactions across the organization, analyzes them, and gives you valuable insights. To help companies during this unprecedented time, our team has gathered industry-leading experts to discuss how to adapt to current market conditions with our virtual event, Co(vid)nference: Decision Making During a Pandemic

If you missed this informative event, we have recorded sessions below to help you tackle your business challenges. 


Session 1: Innovation and investment in intelligent enterprise decision making
Michael Fertik, Managing Partner and Founder of Heroic Ventures, Executive Chairman and Founder of Reputation.com, CEO and Founder of WaveShift LLC, Founder of SightSlass Vision, Harvard Law school lecture 

Session 2: Data utilization by Successful Customer Centric Organizations
Anna Connell, Sr. Director Global Renewals at ServiceNow

Session 3: Getting lost in Salesforce data
Reuven Shelef, CEO & Chief Untangling Officer, OUT OF THE BOX Consulting, Certified Salesforce Consultant, Executive Coaching, Process Engineering & Untangling Complex Challenges

Session 4: Customer-engagement data, PMs' best friend
Adi Kavaler, Technology & Business Executive, Global Business Development & Operations, CEO, Board Member

Session 5: Practical tips for customer-centric-culture building
Nadav Gur, Principal, Vanguard Enterprises, EVI, Head of AI, German Autolabs

Session 6: Improve sales win rates and efficiency by using customer data
Gary LaTulip, Senior Sales Executive & Revenue Generating expert

Session 7: Connect the dots of customer data to run a successful company
Guy Nirpaz, CEO & Founder at Totango, "Author of Best Seller "Farm Don't Hunt - The Definitive Guide to Customer Success"

Session 8: A sea of possibilities with data and NLP
Oren Ariel, Entrepreneur, CTO & Startup Advisor

Session 9: Fireside-chat with Moshe Milman, Applitools COO
Moshe Milman, Co-Founder and COO at Applitools

Session 10: How to build the right teams during the golden-era of data
Dr. Sarah Benson-Konforty, MD, Serial entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder AssemblyDrop

Session 11: Let's meet ThunderAct
Join us for a session about ThunderAct. We shared how we came up with ThunderAct, review how the program works, and how ThunderAct can help you make smarter decisions during a pandemic.

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