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Last week, May 30th – June 3rd, ThunderAct had the pleasure of taking part in Collision conference in New Orleans, LA. What an inspiring event!

Collision brought together innovative Entrepreneurs, brilliant technologists, dreamers, influences, mentors, supporters, investors, musicians, doctors, athletics, visionaries and we can go on and on and on about the amazing people and wonderful startups we met coming from all around the world. The future has never felt so exciting!   

ThunderAct CoinsThunderAct booth


During Collision conf in addition to attending the great sessions in the various tracks, ThunderAct team got to interview for the Collision live streaming (we will share the video once we get it), had a great mentor hour, got a tons of validation that we are on the right track, lots of encouragements and met with great investors and supporters in many fields.   

More than ever, we know that ThunderAct will change the way business is done and help Product Managers and Decision Makers take the right actions to grow their business by listening to their customers in a way that wasn’t possible before.   

So what’s next? We started raising funds so we can accelerate the development to be able to get to alpha and beta really soon. At the same time, we are looking for partners to build our connectors, potential alpha customers, and we are looking for spectacular professionals to join our team. Interested to hear more? of course you do! contact us today at   

And about collision? we recommend attending Collision for everyone. Next year in Toronto.   

Stay tuned for more updates, we keep taking actions!   

-ThunderAct team

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