Digging Into The Data: The More You Know About Your Customer

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Every successful business, especially business-to-business (B2B) companies, knows how important customer knowledge is. They know what their market wants and needs in order to determine how they can best deliver their products and services to them. 

Having an understanding of your customers’ needs goes beyond knowing the basic demographics, which are the line of business, key customers, job title, and location. A business should also learn about their market’s buying patterns, such as their company’s budget, who makes the purchasing decisions, and how often the company buys the product or needs the service, and other behaviors that can impact how your products are viewed and demanded.

There are different ways to know what is going on in the minds of your clients and we have listed them down for you.

  1. Why Are They Buying Your Products? – There are a lot of reasons why customers choose to buy your products, and you might be surprised with how varied they are. It can be because they need it, because your products are affordable, because your services are of top quality, because it is the most convenient for them, and so on. Knowing the reason behind their preference for your product and why they buy it will allow you to recognize your strengths and which aspects of your business you can improve further to better cater to your customers.

  2. Who Are They Buying It For? – Who they are buying your products for also matters in making strategic marketing decisions. Are they going to use them for their company operations? Will the employees use it? Or are they going to need your product or service in completing the products they will be selling to consumers? Whatever it may be, you need to understand how your clients use your products or services to create a deal that is beneficial to both parties. 

    Aside from this, you should also find out who the authorized and designated organizational buyers are. The purchasing representative or procurement team is very much involved in the decision-making process and negotiation. So, B2B companies need to identify key decision-makers to come up with an effective marketing plan and sales pitch that will make them acquainted with what you offer and convinced about the value of the product or service.

  3. When Do Your Customers Usually Shop For Your Products? – Knowing when your customers are most likely to shop for your items lets you get the perfect timing for promotions, sales, discounts, and the release of new items. Does the client buy your products or get your services at the start of the year? Then this is the perfect time to bring out your newest product line! You can also use this to know what seasonal and limited edition items to release.

    What Is Their Budget? – One of the possible reasons why customers prefer your products is that they are affordable and within their budget. In cases such as these, sales and discounts can be targeted towards these customers. You can also hold rewards programs or loyalty discounts that can increase engagement, encourage more sales, and enhance the company’s relationship with a client. 

    Knowing your customers’ budget will also allow you to be more flexible with how you promote your products. If you are sensing that fewer companies are able to afford a specific item, what you can do is offer a more budget-friendly alternative. For instance, you can create a smaller and more affordable version of said product.

Every business aims to earn a remarkable profit, which is only possible if you are able to tap into your market successfully. If you really wish to connect with your clients and cater to them better, then you need to carefully analyze customer data and see how your customers feel and behave towards your business.

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