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ThunderAct enables enterprises to continuously monitor the performance

of their data-driven business decisions across platforms

Trying to understand...

  • Why your products are struggling to gain traction?
  • What needs to change to reduce churn?
  • How your budget should be invested?
  • How to approach a competitive market?
  • Which conferences you should be attending?

How   works


Integrate and Connect Your Strategy

To drive a successful business strategy, you need a unified view of your customer’s interactions, and you need your entire team collaborating and acting together.

How does ThunderAct connect you to your Customers?


ThundersAct’s revolutionary AI-powered customer-interaction analysis across all your digital channels provide valuable and actionable business insights to drive business success.


Take actions on your customers real desires and your market trends by taking the best actions guided by ThunderAct Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.


Constantly Increase Your Value by tracking your business decisions impact on your customers and market. Become business agile, engaging the right people at the right time, adjust and achieve business success.

You already have a Super Team, let’s give them Super Powers!

With ThunderAct, everyone stays connected across teams and across tools, allowing action to be taken by your superheroes!

Sales Managers
Customer Success Leads Pro
Product Managers Mark
Marketing Managers
Product Support Managers
Head of Engineering
VOC Program Leads
Customer Experience Experts
Product Insight Managers

Empower your Team with Insightful Data

Challenges in Conducting Business
Awareness and Education Needs
Trending Themes
Features Awareness
Reasons for Churn
Traction Building Difficulties
Budget Allocation Factors

Understand the size of your opportunities and determine the most popular trends.


Learn what your customers are unhappy about and whether or not they are looking for alternative solutions.


Determine what market trends would impact your business, and how you should react.

New Regulations
Product Awareness
Service Requests
New Players
Exhausted Resources
Trending Technologies

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