You Don't Have Too Much Data, You Just Aren't Looking At It Correctly

Team ThunderAct

Sales teams in business-to-business (B2B) organizations understand the importance of data. It has become a key factor in decision-making. So, it is necessary for companies to put in place good data collection, analysis, and reporting processes. 

With the emergence of new technologies, the number of channels has increased. There are more opportunities to reach out to and communicate with your target audience.

Along with the advantages are the challenges. Since there is an ease of access to data, many sales teams and marketers think they have more data volume than they can handle. They find it harder to identify valuable insights.

But with so much data available, shouldn’t it be easier to find relevant information? The answer lies in how you look at the data that you have.

Being obsessed with finding big data is a problem. There is a risk in treating prospects and current customers like numbers. That could be detrimental to the relationships that you want to build with clients. 

The real question is not on how much data you have. It is whether you have relevant, accurate, and high-quality data. This type of data is what can provide valuable insights to help you make better decisions. 

Understanding the “whys” of client behavior is crucial. Focus on data that will help generate actionable insights into the following:

  • Customer awareness and perception of your brand
  • The customer’s journey, such as online activities on your website and social media pages
  • Pain points and pressures

The value of data does not rely solely on quantity. You need proper analysis and reporting to utilize the data to your advantage. Sifting through all that you have gathered is not a simple task. It may require a lot of time and manpower. You may end up focusing too much on analyzing data that you fail to execute campaigns properly and engage in sales conversations.

Utilizing AI tools that help with customer data management and analytics is a great option. ThunderAct, an AI-powered customer communication analysis platform, allows you to understand the needs of your clients, their pain points, and their concerns using their interactions with your business. You can also use it to figure out the trends and challenges in doing business. All of these allow you to make data-driven decisions to reach positive outcomes.

Data analytics is not only crucial during the sales cycle. It is also helpful in the after-sales. It lets you better understand what is happening within your business. Thus, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to improve customer experience. What is important is you know how to use the data that you have.

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