AI, ML, And Decision Intelligence

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The use of technology in business is not a new development. With changes in customer behaviors, companies must keep up and adopt new tools to ensure they remain relevant. At the same time, the use of digital tools helps in reaching the right audience with appropriate strategies for successful sales.


Currently, there are three concepts that sales teams need to understand and utilize. These are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and decision intelligence. All of these, if properly used, will result in successful sales.


AI in Business

Generally, the use of AI in business includes software that has human-like capabilities. The aim is to increase productivity and efficiency, enhance customer experience, boost revenue, and drive business growth.


The introduction of AI in business is a welcome development. Businesses need to cope with the evolving preferences of customers. Additionally, it is necessary to handle the vast amount of data to understand the said preferences. 


Understanding Machine Learning

As stated earlier, businesses face the challenge of handling data that will help them understand their customers to provide a better customer experience and generate more sales. That is where machine learning comes in.


Machine learning refers to the use of algorithms to find patterns in huge amounts of data, which can be words, numbers, images, and clicks, among others. Whatever is relevant to understanding customers can be considered as data, and you can feed it into a machine learning algorithm as long as it can be stored digitally. 


Introduction to Decision Intelligence

A new development gaining more popularity in the world of sales is decision intelligence, as it is seen to address the limitations of AI technology. Collecting data and analyzing patterns are important, but it is also necessary to make well-informed decisions based on them.


Decision intelligence turns information into effective actions through the analysis of the chain of cause and effect. This field includes a wide range of decision-making strategies to do five things – model, design, execute, adjust, and track decision processes and models. It uses digital technology and incorporates machine learning algorithms.


Getting Started

Attracting prospects, boosting conversions, and building customer loyalty is important for all businesses. To attain these, it is crucial to understand the audience you are targeting. An effective way of doing that is to adopt contemporary methods for customer data management and analysis. 


Having an idea of what AI, ML, and decision intelligence are can help you. However, proper implementation is more important. That may not be an easy journey, especially if you have never tried it before.


In such a case, it is best to work with a reliable service provider like ThunderAct. We offer a SaaS solution that will help your company make well-informed and data-driven decisions. Contact us now to learn more.

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