4 Data Points Every Sales Team Should Be Aware Of

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Through the years, data has become a huge part of business decision-making. Ask any salesperson, and they will tell you how critical data has become in generating leads and developing sales strategies.


But why is that?


Data helps sales teams identify leads, properly segment audiences, create more effective and targeted communications, and ensure a successful customer journey through the sales funnel. Data collection efforts will vary depending on the company, the industry you are in, the client base, and the sales and marketing goals, among others. That means some companies may need more specialized data than others to segment properly and target their customers.


Despite this, there are basic pieces of information that every company needs. Here are four data points every sales team should be aware of:

Basic Demographics

Creating a buyer persona is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategies. Collect basic demographic data first. These may include age, gender, contact information, geographical location, profession, and company position if they are key decision-makers in their organization. You may collect additional demographic data that you think is relevant to your brand, products or services, and industry.

Customer Behavior

One of the best ways to gain insights into your company’s sales strategy is to collect data about the behavior of your customers, including before, during, and after a sale. The information that you get will allow you to understand the buyer journey more so that you can improve your efforts at every stage of the sales funnel. Among the data you can use are the site traffic, bounce rates, buying data, cart abandonment, reviews, and ratings.

Customer Interaction with Content

Nowadays, content matters a lot. Whether your brand focuses on producing content or not, you have to know how your customers interact with it. Check social media engagements. Track the number of downloads and views. These will help you know the content preferences of your target audience, what they are interested in, their values, and the needs that they want to address. Thus, giving you the chance to refine your sales strategies.

Transaction History

Keeping track of the transactions that your customers do can give you insight into their purchasing patterns, which will let you create a more personalized customer experience. You can recommend products or services that appeal to them. Pieces of information you have to gather include what they purchased when they bought them, and how many times do they buy them.


Despite the apprehension of some people to customer data analytics, the importance of data in business cannot be denied. Knowing your audience is the first step in turning them into loyal clients. To facilitate data collection and ensure proper analysis, it is best to use a reliable tool like ThunderAct. It is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses make better decisions by gathering and analyzing customer interaction data.

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