Here’s Why Marketing Ops Needs Decision Intelligence

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Marketing Operations manages and coordinates marketing campaigns and projects within the marketing department. They manage technology and the data it collects for the department. With the data and the Marketing Ops team’s analytical skills and creativity, they create marketing strategies for the company. Overall, the Marketing Ops team oversees the technical and strategic aspects of marketing to ensure that all teams are moving toward the same goal.

But you already know that. The question is how can decision intelligence enrich your Marketing Ops team? Here is how Decision Intelligence can improve your Marketing Ops team’s performance in each of its main functions.

How Decision Intelligence Helps Marketing Operations

Marketing Project Planning

The Marketing Ops team oversees marketing strategies, campaign planning, budget setting, cross-tactical execution planning, and performance reviews. They make sure that all projects and marketing teams are aligned.

Decision Intelligence makes data analytics more accessible so your Marketing Ops team can make decisions based on data. With Decision Intelligence, the Marketing Ops team can make faster, accurate, and unbiased decisions regarding marketing strategies and more technical aspects like budget and performance reviews.

Creative Process Management

The Marketing Ops team is also in charge of establishing processes for various tasks and projects. Effective processes make project execution more efficient. Decision Intelligence can provide your Marketing Ops team with the relevant data to consider and present the best processes to follow for various projects. With Decision Intelligence, your Marketing Ops team can save time on creating the right processes.

Marketing Technology Infrastructure

Nowadays, marketing departments rely on numerous technologies to gather data and execute their campaigns. Marketing Ops is expected to manage all these technologies and platforms, as well as select new software to improve the department’s performance. These roles can be streamlined and managed more efficiently with Decision Intelligence. DI also helps minimize human errors in decision-making and customer data management.

Compliance With HIPAA Regulations

Marketing departments collect personal data from customers and potential leads to inform marketing strategies and campaigns. This practice is regulated by HIPAA because leakage of personal information is a violation of civil rights. In this area of the Marketing Ops’ responsibilities, errors are not tolerated. Support from Decision Intelligence in customer data management could save your company from penalties and the repercussions of eroded trust from your clients.

Trusting Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is a relatively new technology. Those who have invested in DI have found that it offers invaluable benefits, specifically:

·   More accurate decisions that lead to better outcomes

·   Faster decision-making from top to bottom

·   Minimizing errors

·   Accommodating human judgment and intuition

Decision Intelligence helps companies make better decisions. Think Decision Intelligence is for your Marketing Ops Team, contact ThunderAct now.

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