How Bad Data Can Lead To Poor Decisions

Team ThunderAct

Ask any sales and marketing professional, and they will tell you how important customer data is in creating successful strategies. However, having data is not enough. You should ensure its quality.


Companies should collect accurate data and do it timely. Otherwise, you may end up having bad data that will prevent you from making smart decisions.


To help you better understand the importance of quality data, here are some of the major consequences of having bad customer data:

Poor Decision-Making

For companies, analyzing customer data helps in planning strategies to achieve success. That means you use data to make critical decisions. If the data at hand is of poor quality, then your decision will not lead to expected results. 


Incorrect or incomplete data will lead you to the wrong path. You will end up wasting money and resources. So, it is important to ensure that the data that you use is representing reality.  

Business Inefficiencies

Many business processes depend on data. Companies use data to determine the next move. For instance, you may use it for reports or ordering supplies. Wrong data will lead to inefficiencies that may result in more expenses. You may even end up redoing some work to fix data errors. In doing so, other core duties may be neglected.

Loss of Customer Trust

Clients are important for companies. That is why you should make an effort to build customer trust. Data will help you with that.


However, bad data will only hurt the company. You may not be able to provide for the needs of your clients. Additionally, companies that should follow certain regulations may fail to comply due to poor data. In such a case, not only will you be penalized, but your company’s reputation will also be affected.

Missed Opportunities and Lost Revenue

Bad data will prevent companies from seizing lucrative opportunities. You may fail to address urgent customer needs or develop new products. These may put your company behind the competition.


Additionally, missing opportunities may also lead to a loss in revenue. Your clients or prospective customers may lose interest. Your data may cause you to have miscommunication due to inaccurate targeting.

There are many causes to having data of poor quality. It may be due to the company’s inability to integrate its databases, inconsistency in capturing and formatting of data, poor migration or integration, or not updating the data. 


To prevent any issues, it may be best to work with a reliable and tested third-party company. ThunderAct offers services that will ensure the quality of data for accurate analysis. Contact ThunderAct now to learn more.

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