3 Ways To Use Data Intelligence To Discover Missed Opportunities

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In a competitive market, a company needs to find ways to stand out among its competition and remain relevant to its target audience. Knowing how to gather and use data and information will be your sales team’s greatest weapon.


Data Intelligence: What It Is

If you are working in sales and marketing, chances are you have already heard of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These have become widely used terms during the past years. The application of these concepts has resulted in many developments, including data intelligence.


But, what is it?


Generally, data intelligence refers to the analysis of various configurations of data. It aims to have a better way of collecting, analyzing, and using data to enhance business processes. It helps give a business insight it can use to make better decisions.


Discovering Missed Opportunities

There are different ways to use data intelligence. Finding out what the right approach is for your company will allow you to discover missed opportunities. Your organization will have a better understanding of your markets so you can optimize your sales and marketing strategies.


Here are three ways you can use data intelligence to analyze customer data:



Having a website has become part of doing business nowadays. Customers turn to the Internet for various activities, such as finding information about businesses and products, sharing views and experiences regarding a company’s services, and even reaching out to organizations and other consumers.


That said, having a working website is not enough. Track website traffic and conversions. You can start with four key performance indicators (KPIs) — Google Analytics Exit Pages, Google Tag Manager, Search Records, and Traffic Value. Tracking will help you see what your website visitors are looking for and why they finish their visit without conversion.



Tracking calls lets you see important details about your organization’s interactions with customers. It is often applied in advertising. A good example is Google Ads, which gives you an idea of which campaigns led to which calls. This way, you will have an idea of what campaigns work.


A more comprehensive tracking system may be necessary. Consider one that includes more details, such as phone numbers, call time, call campaign, length of the call, and call recordings. In doing so, you can ensure quality data.



Knowing more about your customers will help you engage them better with relevant content. Email tracking can help with that.


With the right tools in place, you can get information about your clients, what they are interested in, who they are, and what their preferred point of contact is, among others. This way, you can come up with effective sales and marketing strategies.


Nowadays, data plays a vital role in company decision-making. It can also help ensure the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts. Customer data analysis, such as tracking websites, calls, and email data can provide your company an edge to reach out to the right audience.

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